Rewarding you with unparalleled banking privilege, Bank Makramah Limited’s Classic Current Account offers you the additional benefits of Health Insurance and Hospitalization Coverage, making your present healthy and future secure.


Key Features
  • Health Insurance and Hospitalization Coverage
  • Non-Interest bearing and Local Currency Account
  • Minimum Balance requirement PKR 10,000 (however no minimum balance charge)
  • Health Wellness Card covering a Maximum limit of PKR. 50,000, PKR 100,000 and PKR 250,000 per person in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurer.
  • Waiver of Health Insurance charges on maintaining Monthly Average Balance as per coverage plan (which is PKR 50,000, PKR 100,000 and PKR 250,000 respectively)
  • Emergency Care, Surgery and Hospitalization Coverage
  • Free Health Wellness Card
  • Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage
  • Easy Claim Processing
  • Prescription Medicine Coverage
  • Cash-less Claim facility at all Panel Hospitals
  • Non-Panel Hospital Reimbursement allowed
Value Added Services
  • Free Online Banking
  • Free Utility Bills payments via ATM, Mobile App, Internet Banking and Bank Branches
  • Free Pay Order, Demand Draft, Call Deposit Receipt
  • Free Home Remittance Payments
  • Unlimited Free of Cost Transactions (over the counter and Bank ATMs)
  • Free Dispatch of Account Statements (on half yearly basis)
  • Free Electronic Account Statements
  • Cheque Book (Charges as per SOC)
  • Free Outward Clearing return Cheques (Charges as per SOC if returned due to insufficient funds)
  • Free Fund Transfer within Bank via ATM, Website, and Branch Network
  • Free Expired Debit Card Replacement
  • Free Personal Accidental Insurance on maintenance of 6 monthly average balance of PKR 25,000 and above
  • Free ATM Cash Withdrawal Insurance on maintenance of 6 monthly average balance of PKR 25,000 and above
  • 24/7 Customer Care
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