State Bank of Pakistan, being a dynamic central bank, has been gradually moving towards digitalization of various banking operations. In this perspective SBP has initiated the automation of issuance of standardized PRC project and its verification by the banking industry for the transactions fall under the ambit of Home Remittances which are impressively increasing due to the initiatives/efforts of Government of Pakistan, SBP and the commercial banks. As a result, the demand of PRC from stakeholders has also been increasing with a view to have a documented proof of Source of legitimate funds.

Keeping in view State Bank of Pakistan’s vision for Digital Pakistan in order to support customer to receive PRC automatically in their registered email address without having personal visit in branch and to minimize the delay in PRC verification due to manual process, Summit Bank has recently launched the project to automate issuance of PRC and its verification and specially design a dedicated portal for e-PRC verification, through this innovative digital portal agencies (Custom Authorities, FBR for tax purposes, SBP or any other regulatory authority) can now verify Customer e-PRC online to get instant information as and when required.

  • BML Customers can now get e-PRC in their registered email address without having branch visit.
  • e-PRC can be verified by the relevant agency online.
  • Easy self-online verification with 24/7 access.
  • Easy access to get PRC detail for verification purpose.
  • Secured Application with Digital Overview.
  • Faster.
  • Cost-effective and time-efficient.
  • A step towards paperless banking.

To access , please visit PRC Portal

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